About Me

I’m the Chinese girl with an Irish name living in an American family.

IMG_2642A Little About Me

I have five too many siblings. I am decent with a camera. Putting personal information online makes me uncomfortable–yes, I am fully aware of the irony.

Behind the Name

The name began as my social media handle. I have a thing for combining my name with words, and the word ‘ingenuity’ stood out to me. Quinn-teresting, huh?


This website began as a way to have an online portfolio of my work in journalism. It was created the summer before my senior year of high school, and I was really getting into photography, so I also decided to publish photos. Shortly after, I worked up the courage to share pieces about my life as an adopted child through this blog.

What to Do Next 

If I have succeeded in capturing your interest, and you wish to explore the rest of this website, you should take a look at my blog (quinntellectual thoughts), a variety of photo galleries, and a portfolio of my work from The Franklin, a student-run college newspaper at the school I attend.

Have a quinn-tastic day!

peace and love,


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