About Me

Photo by Nicole Hernandez.

A Little About Me

I have five too many siblings. I am decent with a camera. Putting personal information online makes me uncomfortable, thus I have unfortunately taken down my adoption blog. I have this notion that people enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating and sharing it.

Behind the Name

The name began as my social media handle. That’s it. Nothing too special. But it had gotten positive feedback so I have kept it since. You can also find me as quinntography, my official photography business name.


This website began as a way to have an online portfolio of my work in journalism. It was created the summer before my senior year of high school, and my passion for photography was growing, so I also decided to publish photos. Now, you have before you a digital portfolio of my best work in both journalism and photography.

What to Do Next 

If I have succeeded in capturing your interest, and you wish to explore the rest of this website, you should take a look the various photo galleries and a portfolio of my work from The Franklin, a student-run college newspaper at the school I attend.

» quinngenuity

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